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Micro Teaching

Micro teaching is scale down teaching practices which is form professionally skilled teachers its help in modification of teacher behavior it’s a form real teaching which reduces the class complicates amongst the individuals.
Educational Tour

Educational Tour bring the student is open environment. Students acquires knowledge related their subject matter. Students meets with Experts and acquires realistic knowledge of the content. Its help in cooperative activities and to understand each other for factually
Extracurricular activity

Through the co-curricular activities note only the effective cognitive development of the child occur but its also helpful in all round development of the child so that today’s the concept of extracurricular activities have been change into co-curricular activities are useful in following ways.
  • Helpful in creating interests towards various aspects.
  • Helpful in developing democratic and moral values.
  • Helpful in physical, mental and social development.
  • Developing a falling of co-operation and nationalism among the individuals.
  • Developing a falling of social services and leadership quality.
  • It is also helpful in good use of leisure time
Scout Camp

Scout and Guide program bring the child in close connect to nature. This program provided the training related to all games along with the physical and mental training. It’s helpful in making good character respects towards leader and feeling of love towards state and nation.
Medical Camp

Through the First Aid Camp students acquire know. About the general diseases and how to controlled the any injury. It developed a feeling of services amongst the individual. Students use this knowledge is their practical life to save the life of any patient.